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A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Matt Smyth from HomeStudioDoctor and I did some more tests for Aston Microphones on their Origin and Spirit range. We put them through their paces against not only microphones in their price range but also some industry standard "Big Hitters" and I'm delighted to say that they really did not disappoint. I remember reading a review of a microphone which really performed well, and the tag line was ".....and at the price, why would you not buy one? In fact, buy two." So that's what I've done. I've invested in a pair of Spirits. At the point of order, I was told that they are struggling to meet demand, which, to me is encouraging and good news for the company, and being a patient sort of chap, I'm happy to wait a while for the second one.

Review of the Origin & Spirit by Aston Microphones

We tested both microphones on a number of different sound sources, some of which are shown here, and both microphones performed better than we had expected. To read the full review, please click

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